Person Layout Results: VOC2010 BETA

Competition "comp8" (train on own data)

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Average Precision (AP %)

submission date
BCNPCL_Human_Layout [?] 26.374.43.31.210-Aug-2010
Oxford_SBD [?] -52.710.4-30-Aug-2010


Combining detectors for human layout analysisBCNPCL_Human_LayoutDept. de Matemātica Aplicada i Anālisi, Facultat de Matemātiques, Computer Vision Center Barcelona and Universitat Oberta de CatalunyaM. Drozdzal, A. Hernández, S. Seguí, X. Barķ, S. Escalera, A. Lapedriza, D. Masip, P. Radeva, J. Vitriā Combination of several detectors for a complex human layout detector. For details see BCNPCL_PASCAL2010.pptx2010-08-10 12:38:27
Skin based layout detectionOxford_SBDUniversity of OxfordArpit Mittal, Andrew Zisserman, Philip H. S. Torr, Manuel J. MarinHead localization is performed using a part-based upper body detector. A local color model of skin pixels is learned using face pixels obtained from the head bounding box. Using this color model, we perform skin detection on the image. Hand positions are then hypothesized from the skin regions so obtained. These hypotheses are verified using the RBF kernel SVM classifier and our own articulated model of the human upper body. It is to be noted that we do not localize feet in the image. 2010-08-30 20:07:54